Double Monday Bangladesh

At PIN-UP, the week initiates with a flourish of dual victories. The advent of Monday heralds a spirited cyclical promotion to invigorate it. Engage in solitary, accumulative, and systematic bets across any athletic contests, and reap the rewards. The allocation of X2 tickets has burgeoned from 500 to 3,000—join the contest!

Promotional Conditions:

  • Bets of at least ৳ 240, placed from Monday, 02:30 GMT+5:30 (equivalent to Sunday, 21:00 UTC) until Tuesday, 02:29 GMT+5:30 (Monday, 20:59 UTC) and encompassing all events from sports leagues, qualify;
  • The minimal odds stand at 1.4;
  • The sum won in the “fortunate ticket” will be augmented twofold;
  • The peak doubled sum reaches 6,000 BDT;
  • The issuance of X2 tickets stands at 3,000 BDT!

Should your ticket prove fortuitous, a pop-up alert will manifest.

Place a bet on sports at Pin Up !


  • All enlisted PIN-UP aficionados are entitled to partake in this promotion.
  • The promotion is operational from Monday, 02:30 GMT+5:30 (Sunday, 21:00 UTC) to Tuesday, 02:29 GMT+5:30 (Monday, 20:59 UTC).
  • All bets within the “Sport” and “Live” segments are eligible, with the promotional threshold set at ৳ 240. Each event must meet or exceed odds of 1.4.
  • All bet types are welcome: accumulators, singles, and systems.
  • Promotional rewards are conferred by doubling the entire win from the bet. For instance: A 1,000 BDT bet at odds of 1.50 culminates in a win of 1,500 BDT. Consequently, your balance will reflect 3,000 BDT (2 x 1,500 BDT).
  • Bets utilizing the “CashOut“ feature are excluded.
  • Bets that benefit from an Accumulator Cashback are ineligible.
  • Amendments via “Edit Betslip“ that increase the win beyond the initial bet’s also disqualify.
  • Earnings from this promotion are directly credited to the real-money balance, available for immediate withdrawal.
  • The uppermost bonus earnings cap in this promotion is 6,000 BDT. Only those bets whose doubled winnings do not surpass 6,000 BDT are included.
  • Fortunate tickets bestowing double earnings are selected randomly upon bet placement. A total of 3,000 X2 tickets are available.
  • Multiple lucky tickets can be claimed by each participant.
  • This bonus is restricted to one gaming account per individual, family, dwelling, computing device, or IP address. Any duplicity, such as account fabrication or collusion, leads to nullification of bonuses and account closure.
  • This promotion is purely for amusement. The firm retains the prerogative to withdraw the bonus if it perceives any manipulative tactics or betting patterns that guarantee profit, among other breaches of fairness.
  • Verification processes for account holders may interrupt bonus accrual.
  • Terms and conditions are subject to modifications during and beyond the promotional period.