Early payout Bangladesh

At PIN-UP, the Over X wager type is pre-determined. If the requisite X goals are netted during the contest, we promptly reimburse your stake. Should the confrontation conclude with a tally exceeding X by at least one, the supplementary earnings are yours to claim.

Make a sports bets at Pin Up!

Consider this scenario:

  • In an FA Cup clash, you wager 1,000 BDT on Manchester United with an Over 2 bet at odds of 2.25. As soon as the Red Devils secure their second goal, PIN-UP reinstates your 1,000 BDT. Following their triumph with a final score of 3:1, an additional 1,250 BDT is accredited to your account.
  • In another example, Barcelona and Bayern Munich vie for supremacy in the Champions League finale. You bet 1,000 BDT on Bayern with an Over 2.75 bet at odds of 1.2. By the 30th minute, Bayern has scored thrice, prompting PIN-UP to credit 600 BDT for the initial segment of your wager and refund 500 BDT as the stake for the latter part. Even as Barcelona shifts to a defensive stance for the remainder of the match, your initial stake remains secure, unaffected by the final outcome.

Additional stipulations:

  • This incentive is valid exclusively for single Over X wagers;
  • It is applicable to both pre-match and in-play bets.