Edit Betslip Bangladesh

Edit Betslip β€” Revise your stakes at your leisure!

Occasionally, you may wish to modify a bet previously placed, incorporate an additional contest into your betting slip, or substitute a selected matchup for a more advantageous one.

Our distinctive Edit Betslips utility stands ready to assist, enabling alterations to bets already committed! This service is accessible solely for individual and accumulator pre-match bets.

You’re able to revise your betting slip post-placement, once it displays on your “Bet History” page.

To edit a Betslip:

  1. Navigate to the “Bet History” page.
  2. Select the Edit Betslip option corresponding to the bet you desire to amend.
  3. Input the requisite modifications to your bet.
  4. Press the Save button to lock in your changes.

All participants on our platform who engage in the Sporting bets segment qualify for the CashOut option.

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  1. Only bets on contests that have yet to commence are amendable. Encounters listed in the Live section are exempt from modifications.
  2. Bets that comprise multiple accumulators are not subject to edits.
  3. Individual bets permit the inclusion of one or more fresh bets to your Betslip, transforming a solitary bet into an accumulator as reflected on the “Bet History” page.
  4. You have the liberty to append new contests and replace existing ones within accumulator bets. Any event may serve as a replacement, save for:
    • Bygone events;
    • Events catalogued in the Live section;
  5. When substituting bet events, specific stipulations are enforced:
    • The odds for the replacement event must surpass those of the event being replaced at the moment of the change, irrespective of the odds initially cited in the bet;
    • The event must not be substituted with the identical event at elevated odds;
    • The event under replacement should be active when the alteration occurs.