Gift Box Bangladesh

Are you eager to amplify your profits during your gaming escapades on PIN-UP? Secure opulent rewards in addition to substantial victories.

Accrue ৳ 5,450 in wagers and earn a singular gift box. Deploy this within a span of 10 days post-acquisition to claim a definite bounty:

  • pecuniary gains β€” ৳ 0,55 Crore;
  • supplementary bonus funds;
  • 10 Lakh pincoins;
  • 5 Lakh gratuitous spins; The formula is simple: More wagers equal more gift boxes, which lead to more lavish rewards. Engage more robustly and reap the most bountiful rewards PIN-UP has to offer!
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  • This incentive is exclusively available to validated PIN-UP participants.
  • To engage, one must enroll on the portal or access an existing profile, place cumulative bets of 5,450 BDT, and acquire a gift box.
  • This gift box remains valid for a duration of 240 hours from the time it is credited, during which it must be utilized to activate a prize randomizer.
  • Only wagers not exceeding ৳ 270 are considered towards the ৳5,450 BDT turnover requisite for each gift box.
  • A player may accrue no more than 10 gift boxes within a single day (24 hours).
  • A maximum of 100 gift boxes are permissible per account.
  • Withdrawn funds result in the forfeiture of all unutilized gift boxes.
  • This offer restricts users to one gaming account per individual, household, residence, computer, or IP address.
  • In instances of suspected rule violations, including the establishment of counterfeit profiles or collusion, the firm retains the authority to confiscate the gift boxes and prizes from such accounts and to terminate the accounts.
  • The firm also holds the prerogative to revoke prizes if deceptive strategies are employed, a series of wagers by an individual or group leads to assured profits, or if other breaches of equitable gameplay are identified.
  • The company may examine the credentials of a game account holder and pause the allocation of gift boxes and prizes during this verification period.
  • Terms and conditions are subject to modifications and expansions at any time during or after the promotion.